you know

your mini vaca is off to a bad start when you forget the piece.

Update: like the stoner that i am i actually packed one.

More printing frustration

I hate printers! Trying to make an old lazer printer that has been run over over print out a copy of my mmj card. It is ALWAYS something when I try to print.


The genocide olympics are over! Too bad the genocide is not (for the victims).


Help, I am in email hell. On this site (MJnet) and tk. I am not getting any email sent. I’ll be working on that all day, if not longer.

Is Chelios a traitor?

No, I’m not talking about chris chelios, whom I certainly considered a traitor ever since he played for the wings. A LOCAL TRAITOR at least. But no I’m talking about a different Chelios.

I’m certainly not talking about Chev Chelios, a fictional character. That wouldn’t make sense.

No, I’m talking about his son Jake. Whom the Chinese government was happy to accept onto their team…for now. Lets see if you don’t want your American citizenship back after the genocide Olympics are over. And since this is my own personal blog I can say whatever I want. And that is you’re a traitor to your country and your last name. I hope chis is certainly (not) proud of you. You’ll have to live the rest of your life living with this knowledge. Enjoy your Chinese citizenship TRAITOR! And yes, I feel very just calling you a traitor.


I knew the password for my secondary account was too weak. I see spam being sent from the account. Changing password.

Sooo very close

to accomplishing what i set out to do…but…and there’s always a but when it comes to me teching…ive got tainted kernel up (without ssl). As soon as it gets finished. I can list the server as complete…hopefully it wont get hacked, as I’ve mostly finished it.