Yesterday did not go like I had planned. The wife pulled through though, and that is the most important part. Its like a Metallica song up in this piece: NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!

well then…

My riding during the last week was sub par. To say the least! This week hopefully wont be so shockingly cold as last few days were! Weatherman says itll be back to normal in a day or two.

I’ve still got it

You may have noticed a bit of downtime recently.

Bummer, I know you all missed me.

But the power supply in my server died.

I just swapped it with my backup server’s PS. And it fricking worked! like a charm.

Gleefully resuming the cleaning now.

C’mon Chicago

I’ll be rooting for the bears today. As expected. They certainly should not let me down.

UPDATE: They did it. WTG bears!


i got stung by a bee while i was cutting the grass.