I’m done squashing bugs for now. I’m exhausted mentally and need a break

I know my site is slow

Unfortunately I no longer have a spare machine to use as a server. luckily, my best machine has gone unused, so I’m working to replace the server. Virtually of course. It’ll make the bedroom that much quieter. So until I make that change, expect the same server lag 🙁

At least when I replace it, it wont be the server causing the lag.

Holy WTF

I remember when choosing a background was as easy as searching an image. Now its hard AF. I am not paying money for a backgrond

So here’s my plan

I plan on decommissioning my old physical server.

Hopefully there won’t be any downtime that should happen…but you never know. And I realize my personal, non-revenue generating personal blog that I personally host is mostly irrelevant to to the internet, but it drives me, and at this point whatever gets my geek hyped is worth it,

Wish me luck.