Nice job El goog.

You forgot your mantra. “Don’t be evil”

A simple motto, but apparently impossible to accomplish these days.

Dear MS

yeah, I’m not doing an ocrevus commercial here (it’s an MS meciation which I took be for the great attack (maybe i should start refering to it as the massive attack?) I’m talking about Microsoft. and clearly you’re soft. Checking if pcs have an outdated version of office on their PC via microsoft update. This is the reason why why my server runs Ubuntu. I only keep windows around for steam, which runs on linux, but a lot of the games aren’t supported. AND IF I WANT AN UNSUPPORTED VERSION OF OFFICE ON MY MACHINE, then so be it! Open office for the win! OPEN SOURCE RULES! Microshaft drools.


That there is nepotism in the US congress: Carlos Santos. You are a stain on our republic! Bonus points for Kevin McCarthy for not ousting his lying ass. He’ll do anything to keep his majority,

The pure joy I feel

Being that my server is setup absolutely perfectly (I hope, at least).

SSL Cert transfer was easy enough. Let’s go letsencryp! My thanks ot the countless of open source projects that made it possible for me to follow my computer brain, even after it was majorly damaged as of (somewhat) recent.

So, honorable mentiones:





Man, i’ve believed in open source since the 90’s, and that bet is really paying off. Thx to all the contributers!