you’re cool. even if you’ve been majorly hacked in the past. At lease they have been consistent in my lifetime. On Sony headphones, they’re clearly marked so you can identify them in low light. Since the early 90s and into the late 80s. But its most helpful now in the 2030s. Yes I’ve been around long than the NES. I remember things like coleco vision and Atari. Man how times have changed.

best part

of today thus far was being acle to tell the dental hygentis that gremlins is indeed a cristmas movie. Ah those young whipper snappers havent a clue.

oh boy

literraly the worst thxgiving sever is over with. TFG! Never before had i made the mistake of not going to my parents house. And i feel f***ing terrible about it.

Oh Neat

I can setup a word press donation form…I think I’d have to sign up for the service though. After all, this a non-profit site.

Oh boy

I’m about 15 years too late on this one. Oh well, love makes it worth it. Apologies to my viking ancestors. Being an American, ya can’t expect the blue eyes to last forever.

gdi natures

closing your door when your website lists your as open is in extremely bad fashion. My opinion of you is changing,

especially when carts are listed as BOGO and you don’t give me my extra cart.


I have to give thanks to crystal lake dental associates for he semi-emergent root canal AND the crown, even if it is temporary, Better than that other endodontist that left my lazy ass to have a root canal fail as our didn’t protect it with a crown. Now that we’re here, I’m going to take a minute and gather myself and I’ll thank Dr. Vasquez and here assistant Lady and all of the people who were involved. I haven’t had many root canals, but that was by far the easiest. THANK YOU CRYSTAL LAKE DENTAL ASSOCIATES! Your have earned the right to be my dentist from now on.

And OMG i drank coffee and ice water and didn’t feel a thing. WOOT!


And i mean it! Ive got a toothache. On friday evening FFS. Geeze id ask how bad can things get, but i dont want to invite that juju into my life. But at this point i can’t think 🙁

RIP Hedgy

I barely knew you. I never even got to handle you. And then you left us. Tragic, Godspeed. Ensure your windows are sealed for the winter before you put your new hedgehog middle earth. AND I NEVER HANDLED IT FFS! I feel so robbed.