Before I do anything I’m going to duplicate this VM just in case things go wrong.


was successful. I didn’t end up losing much. Yeah!

— Yeah, on second consideration, yes i did. Boooo!


Another attempt at getting my site back up. Stupid https requirement is certainly throwing a wrench in the works.


Got so excited about my site working that i broke it by setting the site url to https. Temporarily fixed while i setup the site.

Help me, I am in

Server Hell


Sites coming together nicely on the self-hosted server. As long as it works out ill be getting the TK site and the other ones back up FINALLY. After 2+ years of downtime!

Ohhhhh yeah

Im back on my personal server. A huge win in my book. Now to get a certificate so i can enable ssl on this site. And to flip the site back to its original view. Damn setting up a server has gotten tough.