RIP Hedgy

I barely knew you. I never even got to handle you. And then you left us. Tragic, Godspeed. Ensure your windows are sealed for the winter before you put your new hedgehog middle earth. AND I NEVER HANDLED IT FFS! I feel so robbed.


I’ve go to go through the rest of my life thinking all of us AMERICANS are packing heat. Thanks supreme court for allowing he carrying of guns in AMERICA* and ensuring i will NEVER HAVE PEACE AGAIN!

oh boo hoo

i had a life altering tysabri afflicted MS relapse. It was dreadfull. Like i was once this big bright beacon of hope (and a bit of artificial sadness). Now all i can think of things as pre-attack and post-attack.

if it happened before the GA, there is a chance i can remember it. With some prodding. It it was post attack i likely can’t remember.

woe is me:(