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Where I can say anything, no matter how inaccurate. As long as I can back it up with link.

Major news outlets operate the same way.

O M G UnFrickingBelievable Tortuous Suck

First my gopro camera won’t charge, effectively making it dead.

Then I find my powersupply for the retropi hub. Nope, it was 12V 1A supply. Didn’t realize that until after I smelled the burning. So my gaming USB controller, USB keyboard, and extra usb hub are dead.

OMFG FML to maximum. This shit is absolutely driving me crazy. After spending a month looking for that gd power supply.


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How the F does anyone use BookFace when they ask you to prove your identity every two flipping days?

Un Fing Believable BookFace


You stiff the Murican economy by merging with Tim Horton’s, eh? but then you go ahead and stick up for net neutrality.

I especially like the dig at Pai with that oversized Reese’s mug.

Time Konsuming!

I’ve been putting a lot of time into the TK site as of late. It hasn’t left me a lot of time to update MjNet. Hopefully in the next month or two it won’t be as busy and I’ll be able to post more often on here. Probably not if my children have any say.

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Sunday Morning

And I’ve fixed the editing boxes on my wiki. I think they’ve been like that since we went to college. Private wiki, it wasn’t that important.

And I’ve managed to accomplish something so my youngest has awoken and is FSU.


Can’t I have a good experience on bookface? I created a new account for the TK site, and now it locked me out wanting me to upload a picture of myself to verify it’s me.

Holy WTF? I cant even wrap my head around that BS. Its a new GD account. They have nothing with which to verify the picture. I still loathe bookface, but I need it to plug my site. which I can’t do until bookface verifies it is me. How they’ll do that I have absolutely no idea. A quest for users to give up more information is what I’m thinking.

Sunday Morning Edit: I’m back in…for now.

Be Careful

I’ve been using coconut oil to moisturize my skin for the last year-and-a-half or so. It has been wonderful. My skin feels better than when I used lotions. That is until I got my latest batch of coconut oil. It’s the LouAna stuff from walmart. It is refined, and I prefer to use the unrefined stuff. But since I had that, I used it. Cut to about a week later and the skin on my hands is red, blistered, and peeling severely. I thought it was that one 60° day in January that started the peeling, but alas, the peeling and blistering did not improve when the weather got colder. In my head I was trying to figure out what was going on. Then it hit me. Perhaps it is the new coconut oil? I had to verify though, which was rather easy. After my last shower, I used my kids’ aquafor instead of the coconut oil.


The peeling, while still occurring one day after the switch, has started to become less prominent. The scaly redness is the biggest improvement. When I showed my wife her exclamation was the same as mine, “OH WOW!”

I definitely won’t be using the LouAna coconut oil anymore. Probably Chinese water in it. It’s the devil of coconut oils. I’ll going to stick with coconut oilin the future, it’ll just be the raw/organic/unprocessed coconut oil.

My warning to my readers is this: DO NOT USE LOUANA COCONUT OIL. For anything. Mosturizing or cooking. If it’ll do this to my hands, imagine what it will do to your insides. I don’t have a picture of the scaliness on the back of my hands.

peeling hands


A drone saved two people in the ocean off Australia. Watch the linked video to see it happen.