I know my site is slow

Unfortunately I no longer have a spare machine to use as a server. luckily, my best machine has gone unused, so I’m working to replace the server. Virtually of course. It’ll make the bedroom that much quieter. So until I make that change, expect the same server lag 🙁

At least when I replace it, it wont be the server causing the lag.

Holy WTF

I remember when choosing a background was as easy as searching an image. Now its hard AF. I am not paying money for a backgrond

So here’s my plan

I plan on decommissioning my old physical server.

Hopefully there won’t be any downtime that should happen…but you never know. And I realize my personal, non-revenue generating personal blog that I personally host is mostly irrelevant to to the internet, but it drives me, and at this point whatever gets my geek hyped is worth it,

Wish me luck.

What is up

with the younger girls drawing lines off of their eyes. I should probably ask my teenage daughter when she gets home?

wow, my fault, it’s cool, according to my daughter. Also, its eyeliner.

i still don’t understand, but OK. keep drawing lines off your eyes ladies. I won’t laugh at you.

Happy 15th

to my beloved wife!

But, we’ve been together for much longer. Since the new millennia arrived.

The psychopathic right wingers

At Fox (Faux) are aiding in my disdain for football with the crazy promotion of right-wing ideas. See I see a political commercial and instantly know for who I am not voting.

FASCIST FOX CAN GO FUCK ITSELF and quit fellating that pretty boy TOM BRADY every week FFS! right-wing assholes.


Yesterday did not go like I had planned. The wife pulled through though, and that is the most important part. Its like a Metallica song up in this piece: NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!

well then…

My riding during the last week was sub par. To say the least! This week hopefully wont be so shockingly cold as last few days were! Weatherman says itll be back to normal in a day or two.