I thought my server took a dump. Luckily I was able to get it back after some tinkering. Nothing seems wrong, except I suspecting a failing hard disk. I’ll run some tests on it in time, but for now, I’m just happy my site is back.

More Fitting

I’ve changed the color scheme from #B2DF82 to #A9A9A9.

It fits me better, I’d say.

The only problem is the sidebar drop downs didn’t change. I’ll have to figure that out later.

Welcome Beacon

Today the new site went live. I hope it works out. The server is the same but running on 16.04. I didn’t use the package version of wordpress, as it really complicated things for me. vixion went down as soon as beacon was ready. It will be there JIC this site gets pwn3d. Now to get mediawiki installed.

Hello again world!

Welcome to the new MjNet! Pardon my dust while I get things in order. Whatdoyathink?


To be honest, I’m a little worried about security with this setup. How long until this site gets pwn3d?