Mission Redirect

Like always my attention is getting diverted. This time to bringing up my old i3 system. It’s my gaming machine might as well have it up, no?

My server

Is running much cooler with the new HSF installed. Dropped almost 30 degrees C. The only problem will be creating a cover for my monstrosity.

Well then

My technolust is partially satiated. I ordered XPS HSF from Azon too hopefully cool down my server. The server is NOT an XPS system, i hope that it’ll fit in the case without any modification. I should find out on Monday when it arrives.

Plus I got 4g of Acrtic Silver to Hopefully round it all out and keep the the CPU temp well under the 50° it’s at now,

Per always

Well enough certainly isn’t. the stock HSF on the dell SFF is vastly insufficient. I’ll be exploring options in the meantime.

New Mission

Upgrade the CPU cooler on my new server. It needs it. It’s reporting an egg cooking 58° C. It’ll never be good enough. Tis my fault in life.

backup solutions

are in place. they may not be the prettiest options, but they’re cheap. I’m backing up using crontab and TAR to an external usb HDD. I’ll only be able to redundantly recover data though. It doesn’t meet my original qualification of having RAID like redundancy.


I can’t satisfy my technolust. My server already isn’t good enough and I already want an upgrade. Used DELLs are going for crazy cheap over at the ZON. And I keep looking at the options…I really need to stop this madness.


I should be happy that MjNet is back…and I shouldn’t perciverate on TK being down…or more appropriately tk is automatically redirecting back to MjNet. Woe is me while I think on it 🤔