I feel the drive

My technolust guides me. Here is where I am at now

A. Got my server reestablished, At least MjNet is up, I’m still working on TK

B Got a backup up and running on my laptop via the ubuntu backup tool. Sill working on a server backup solution. I was thinking of a rsync type backup to a usb HDD, but I’m still thinking on it. Plan B there is just to reinstall the OS and server software and then web backups to my local laptop.

C. I’ve gotta get Ubuntu 22.04 back up on my i3 gaming machine. I feel kinda bad about this one. I repouposed it as as server after my attack and never utilized its full gaming potential, that and im scared the windows install is…well…I’ll just calll it partially corrupted. All the data is fully retrievable. It’s just that such a powerful machine (at the time) was sooo cheap. I’m happier just plugging in one of my extra HDD and reinstalling the OS.

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